• 2/26/2015

    What you can expect on the central waterfront next week:


    • Work will occur seven days a week, both day and night, with the noisiest work stopping each day by 10 pm and resuming at 7 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends.
    • Jet grout activities continue in front of the historic piers. Jet grout resumes at Waterfront Park.
    • Under pier work hours will vary and are dependent on the tides.
    • Sidewalk removal will continue between Marion and Columbia streets next week.
    • Sheet pile installation will continue between Madison Street and Yesler Way. Sheet piles are thin, interlocking steel sheets that act like a retaining wall and protect Elliott Bay from construction of the new seawall. Sheet pile will be installed seven days a week during daytime hours and noise and vibration may be noticeable.
    • Continued installation of systems to control groundwater in the work zone in front of Colman Dock. 
    • Additional face panels are planned to be installed at Waterfront Park this week and next, followed by zee panel installation. 

    Pedestrians and bicyclists

    • Pedestrians will access the terminal from First Avenue via the Marion Street pedestrian bridge or from Alaskan Way via a street-level crossing below and just south of the pedestrian bridge.
    • Bicycle access to the ferry terminal is located at Yesler Way.
    • Pedestrian and bicycle access to the Water Taxi is available at Yesler Way.


    • The Marion Street ferry exit has been relocated between Madison and Marion streets. Please follow the direction of flaggers and signage to safely exit Colman Dock.
    • Ferry access has shifted to Yesler Way. Drivers should enter the ferry terminal from northbound or southbound Alaskan Way at Yesler Way.

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