• 5/21/2015

    What you can expect on the central waterfront next week:


    • Work will occur seven days a week, both day and night, with the noisiest work stopping each day by 10 pm and resuming at 7 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends.
    • Under pier work continues and hours will vary and are dependent on the tides.
    • Utility restoration work and backfilling behind the zee panels near Waterfront Park will continue.
    • LPS sidewalk panels will be installed in front of Pier 57.
    • Concrete slab pours continue south of Pier 57. 
    • Jet grout activities continue between University and Madison streets. In the coming weeks, jet grout installation will begin between Madison and Columbia streets.
    • Sheet pileteel sheet  installation will continue south of Marion Street.
    • Excavation continues between Madison and Marion streets.
    • In the coming weeks, additional support piles will be installed between Piers 54 and 55. A barge carrying construction equipment will be visible between the two piers while this activity is underway. Increased noise and vibration can be expected.
    • As early as next week, Puget Sound Energy will be restoring sidewalks on the east side of Alaskan Way at Spring and University streets. Please follow the direction of flaggers and signage to safely access your destination.

    Pedestrians and bicyclists

    • The multi-use path along the west side of the Alaskan Way Viaduct is temporarily closed between University and Pike streets while the work zone near Waterfront Park is restored. Please follow the direction of flaggers and signage to safely access your destination.

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Construction Schedule

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